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Neurons promote growth of brain tumor cells Sep 20, Neurological signals from the spinal cord surprise scientists Sep 19, Sep 19, User comments. Dec 17, Could this be implanted in the bladder to help patients suffering from nerve damage following prostate surgery? Report Block. Sign in. Schwarz see [1]. Various versions of the Schwarz lemma are known. For instance, the following invariant form of the Schwarz lemma: If a function is holomorphic in the disc and if in , then for any points ,.

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Equality holds in 2 and 3 only if is a biholomorphic mapping of onto itself. Inequality 3 is also called the differential form of the Schwarz lemma. Integrating this inequality leads to the following formulation of the Schwarz lemma: If the disc is transformed by a holomorphic function such that for , then the hyperbolic length of an arbitrary arc in decreases, except in the case when is a univalent conformal mapping of onto itself; in this case hyperbolic distances between points are preserved.

The principle of the hyperbolic metric cf. Hyperbolic metric, principle of the is a generalization of the invariant form of the Schwarz lemma to multiply-connected domains on which a hyperbolic metric can be defined.

Analogues of the Schwarz lemma for holomorphic mappings in the -dimensional complex space are known see [4]. Schwarz [1] stated this result for univalent functions only.

ignamant.cl/wp-includes/1/4467-como-ubicar.php The formulation, designation and systematic use of this lemma in the general form stated above is due to C. For the history of this result, see [a3] , pp.

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The inequalities 2 and 3 are also known as the Schwarz—Pick lemma. Equality 2 can be written in the equivalent form. The Schwarz—Ahlfors—Pick theorem provides an analogous theorem for hyperbolic manifolds.

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De Branges' theorem , formerly known as the Bieberbach Conjecture, is an important extension of the lemma, giving restrictions on the higher derivatives of f at 0 in case f is injective ; that is, univalent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gilman, Irwin Kra, Rubi E. New York: Springer.

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