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model-driven development (MDD)

Special version of the slides for instructors. Sample projects also available.

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The book integrates the differents areas of MDE in one place and put them in a good perspective with a conceptual and integrated view. Authors include a lot of MDE concepts with illustrative examples modeling, transformation models,. She also has an experience as a Software Developer.

She is author of more than 30 conference papers, five book chapters and one book. Her research interests include topological modelling of system functioning, software quality assurance, model-driven and object-oriented software development.

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He obtained his Dr. Degree from Kaunas Technological University, Lithuania. Interest in model-driven development continues to increase as individuals experience the ease and speed with which technical and business users orchestrate and deploy business applications.

Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development

The right model-driven development platform provides significant productivity advantages over traditional development methods and enables project delivery by smaller teams. There are two core concepts associated with model-driven development: abstraction and automation. The right model-driven development approach leverages model execution at run time, where the model is automatically transformed into a working software application by interpreting and executing the model removing the need to generate or write code.

This speed is derived from the use of models and other pre-built components that business and technical teams use to visually construct applications. Model-Driven Development MDD has emerged as one of the leading approaches for enabling rapid, collaborative application development. Consequently, model-driven development is significantly faster than traditional programming languages like C and Java. Specific benefits include:.