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The network exploited the Democratic National Committee staffer's murder and spread false conspiracy theories. By Marina Fang.

Famous conspiracy theories – from the flat earth theory and Nibiru to the moon landings

A new report shows just how easy it is for nefarious actors to use bots, and even well-meaning journalists, to spread misinformation and propaganda. By Ja'han Jones. Infowars was denied an appeal in the defamation case, and now it'll have to pay up. By Sebastian Murdock. By Lee Moran.

World News. The app was used to spread misinformation that helped elect far-right authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro. It still serves as a platform for radicalization. By David Nemer. By Ed Mazza. Newsletter Sign Up. The Morning Email helps you start your workday with everything you need to know: breaking news, entertainment and a dash of fun. Subscribe here.

By Christopher Wilson, Yahoo News. The president said he thought it was "fine" to retweet the conspiracy because it came from a person with lots of Twitter followers. By Antonia Blumberg. By HuffPost Video. The "Late Show" host went after the president for retweeting something about the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein.

In , The Indianapolis Star received a letter from someone claiming to be Dillinger, leaving many to believe that the criminal survived throughout the s. In , a acre sinkhole opened up in Bayou Corne, Louisiana, and it's still growing.

Conspiracy Theories!

The New York Times described the incident as the day "the earth opened up — a voracious maw feet across and hundreds of feet deep, swallowing foot trees, guzzling water from adjacent swamps and belching methane from a thousand feet or more beneath the surface.

But others believe this sinkhole is connected to the entire Gulf of Mexico , hinting at a future cataclysmic event that will swallow the entire region. In other words, everything between Texas and Florida will be sucked into the earth. There is no scientific proof that this is true.

Enoch Lincoln was a famous poet and early advocate for black and women's rights in New England. In , he was elected Maine's sixth governor and during his term, he chose the current site of Maine's capital.

Calling home

When he died in , his body was placed in a crypt. In , an inspection of the crypt found no remains.

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Lincoln's body was missing, and this sparked a slew of conspiracy theories. Some say state workers might have cleaned the tomb and just forgot to put the body back, while others theorize the governor was never buried there at all.

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  • His body has never been found. In October , Wythe County Sheriff Wayne Pike reported that he and his deputies witnessed strange lights in the sky. It sparked a full panic in Wytheville, Virginia, prompting many conspiracy theories. By , there were 3, reports of UFO sightings in the area. That same reporter said he also saw something strange in the sky one night, which he described as "a scintillating light. Quickly, the story picked up national attention, but there has never been an official explanation of the sightings.

    Some believe that Truman Capote wrote Harper Lee's famous novel,

    Some theorize that the entire town was just experiencing mass hysteria. Jimmy Hoffa made a name for himself as a compassionate and driven labor leader who devoted his life to advocating for worker's rights. He started his career in Detroit, working his way up through the International Brotherhood of Teamsters , a powerful union at the time. Eventually, he became the president of the union. Secretly, however, he was making deals with the local mob and was caught. When he was released from jail, he disappeared from a restaurant in Detroit. Many believed he was the victim of a Mafia hit, but a body was ever found.

    Others are convinced the Teamsters murdered him so that he wouldn't become president again. It took seven years before Hoffa was officially declared dead, which sparked even more theories about where his body was. Some believe his body is buried beneath Giants Stadium, in New Jersey, while others believe he is buried under a swimming pool in Hampton, Illinois. For years, cities across Minnesota have reported hearing bizarre humming sounds that seem to be coming from the sky. In , for example, many people in Alexandria, Minnesota, caught the alarming sounds on camera , bringing attention to the phenomenon and sparking conspiracies.

    In , the theories were reignited when another higher pitch sound was heard in Minneapolis. Some simply blame it on airplanes, but others think the sounds are far more sinister. They believe the sounds are from extraterrestrial beings or secretive military training. On May 22, , at p. The tornado leveled the town and killed people.

    However, the out-of-this-world strength of the tornado led some to create conspiracy theories. The facility studies the earth's upper atmosphere but many believe it can create hurricanes and tornadoes , like the one in Joplin. Experts say this theory is false, according to ABC News.

    Conspiracy Theories

    In Salem, New Hampshire, there is a 4,year-old archaeological site that no one knows how or why it was built. The site comprises chambers, walls, drains, and basins all made out of stone. Some theorize that the rock formation was built by Native Americans in the region or by colonial settlers.

    When William Goodwin purchased the formations, he came up with the theory that the place was built by Vikings or Irish monks long before Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. Some even think the site dates to the medieval ages. Another growing theory is that the site was used as a stop along the underground railroad to hide former slaves.

    The town dates from the 17th and 18th centuries, but the population dwindled dramatically in the 20th century, ultimately making it a ghost town.

    Appeals Court Revives Seth Rich Lawsuit Against Fox News

    Some believe the town became populated again a few decades later. In the s, a pamphlet was published saying Ong's Hat was home to a group of people that practiced interdimensional travel. The pamphlet claimed that the group started when two scientists from Princeton University moved into the abandoned town and eventually made "The Egg," which allowed people to travel to alternate universes.

    According to the pamphlet, the machine transported the entire group to a different dimension to escape police investigation. The theory spread throughout the internet. Although some people have come forward to claim that they were part of this group at Ong's Hat, there is no evidence that this group existed. September 24, , marks the day the first time anyone had seen the Brown Mountain lights in North Carolina. In a Charlotte Observer article, a ball of light is described as floating through the valley and then disappearing.

    The lights became a conspiracy themselves, as people debated about their existence. But in , a group of scientists appeared to capture the lights on camera. It came on and went back off virtually instantly four times over several minutes," one of the scientists told ABC.

    The Stanley R.