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Is Judo good for self-defense? Why?

This book is intended for the advanced judoka who may feel this whole chapter rather below his leve. Do, for a moment, consider your own initial training.

No doubt you went through the beginner's course, joined the regular randori sessions, took your gradings and thus progressed. If you were fortunate, You rnay have had further lessons from well-known, high grade teachers, who were able to show you various variations to throws and locks.

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Perhaps you were even encouraged to develop your own variations. The average person, however, is not so fortunate. Often the club has only one instructor who has not got the time to give individual tuition. Progress has come from your own l'rard work in the practical school of trial and error.

While work- ing in this fashion, there is a tendency to concentrate upon contest-winning throws which, white good in themselves, tend to make the judoka specialize. This is sometimes done to the detriment of the judoka's general standards of judo. A man finds he can perform, say, osotogari, effectively against his fellow judoka of similar grade. Delighted with this discovery, lre concentrates on osotogari and, practising assiduously this one throw, develops a very fine osotogariindeed.

He waits until a chance for his favourite throw occurs, then, point! By this method I have seen people progress to brown and even black belt. On the other hand, the person conducting the grading does not know the background of each individual, he has to grade on what he sees.

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Most examiners ask various questions of the candidate, and may ask him to demonstrate certain throws and locks. But, all too often in my opinion , a person who does well in contest is asked to take on a line-up ofjudoka. If he defeats the line-up in a given time he is upgraded. All very well, but, by this means, a person who can perform one throw well can obtain a brown belt within a relatively short time. When the poor chap is asked to take a class he can teach osotogari but little else. Every effort must be made to gain as wide a knowledge of judo as possible. What is necessary is to continue.

It is not, of course, and does not profess to be exhaustive.

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Such a magnurn opus has yet to be produced and if ever it is, then the price at which it can be published may very well prove almost prohibitive for the rank and file of judoka. In these circumstances and confronted by a problem well nigh insoluble at the moment, every contributor to the rapidly swelling judo bibliography must reluctantly yet ruthlessly sacrifice an enormous quantity of less valuable "corroborative detail" for the sake of including as many practical methods as possible within the maximum space vouchsafed him by his publishers.

And, so it seems to me, such has been the primary objective quite brilliantly achieved by Mr. Kawaishi in his method of Judo.

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Not so much the first part of his book devoted to Upright judo or Tachiwaza which is fundamentally conventional, but the second part which deals at far greater length with judo on the ground will come as a revelation to most European judoka unfamiliar with the French original. Kawaishi has had the courage and good sense to ignore the fatuous Kodokan prohibition of dislocation locks on the leg and neck and the use of one or both legs in the application of strangleholds.

Kawaishi's convincing descriptions of no fewer than 29 Strangulations, 25 Armlocks, 9 Leglocks and 6 Neck Dislocations, many of these entirely new to most English and probably to numerous Japanese Yudansha as well.

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  • Even Tsunetani Oda, 9th Dan, whose method of Judo on the ground I have tried to interpret in my latest book, has evidently found it necessary to defer to The Kodokan's ruling against leglocks and has therefore omitted them from his exposition of Katamewaza. Now in the wake of Mr.

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    Kawaishi's revolutionary step, unless The Kodokan. Kawaishi is rightly careful to warn his readers against reckless and irresponsible recourse to these dangerous techniques. It may even be advisable to exclude them from formal contests. But in this perilous and lawless age the protagonists of the great art of judo simply cannot afford to run the risk of humiliation at the hands and legs of ruffians who may have taken the trouble to specialize in precisely these hitherto tabooed and crippling locks calculated to cool the ardour of the toughest Uke subjected to them!

    To incur this risk would surely be tantamount to doing a grave disservice to the worldwide reputation of Judo. And that disaster must not be allowed to happen. One good example is use of chocks and joint locks while in ground fighting in Combat SAMBO as it practiced in last two decades as competitive sport. As Combat in the name of the style implies everything you see is a combat technique.

    It also worth to note that anyone who taking turtle position in the real fight or a dead men or capitulation unconditionally and accepting all punishment the victor is willing to supply if its true life-or-death fight, it includes death option — not a pretty chose, even murderer will have hard time in court later.