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His current book project is an examination of the daily life and political networking of European residents at the Qing court in Beijing during the 17thth centuries. Email: drobdan bu. His work has focused on Spanish spirituality, and the projection of Tridentine Christianity throughout the Spanish Empire. He is also a noted expert on the history of Baptists. Email: roldan bu.

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John Thornton received his PhD in African history in , and after stints at the University of Zambia, Allegheny College, the University of Virginia and then Millersville University after , he joined the Boston University faculty in the fall She consults for the Commission on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches in the area of worship and sacraments, and was involved in drafting and editing of the Faith and Order teaching document released in on the mutual recognition of baptism.

Email: kbwt bu. Oslo: Egede Instituttet, —57 ; and. Some of these five books are rooted more implicitly than explicitly in Christian spirituality. Other books, however, are entirely devoted to missionary spirituality and prayer.

In this field Roman Catholics have often written more impressive works than Protestants: for instance, Pierre Charles, S. Reilly, Spirituality for Mission Maryknoll, N. When I am stressed or facing problems, I do not take one of these studies but like to read a chapter in the classic work of the Norwegian Ole Hallesby, Prayer Minneapolis: Augsburg, , where I find comfort.

During a very difficult period in my life when I was dealing with depression, however, I found myself unable to read books or articles. Howard Doane, , which functioned as mantras and helped me go forward. Thanks to God Almighty and Jesus Christ the Shepherd, I recovered percent from depression and started to read and study again. It never could have been written without the help of earlier studies by other scholars on the perception of Jesus Christ in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Marxism, Western philosophy, the arts, and so forth.

In this regard it is good to mention the following three books as paving my way: M. Moreover, such a comprehensive study never could have been realized without carefully studying leading historians such as Arnold J. Somervell London: Oxford Univ. Press, Two outstanding theologians were of great value for my rethinking and profiling the lordship of Jesus Christ in world history and subsequently the finality of the Christian mission: Hendrik Berkhof, Christ the Meaning of History London: SCM Press, , and J.

Charles C. West and David M. I think that, from my youth, I learned more from oral tradition than from books. Oral communication not only precedes written communication in childhood but also succeeds it communication with dying people is usually oral.

Missionaries and Anthropology

About conversion and church planting I may have learned more from stories in Asia and Africa than I did from Western publications. Madras: CLS, Badr, Habib. Baggio, Fabbio, and Agnes M. Bamat, Thomas, and Mary Ann Cejka, eds.

Studies in Christian Mission

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History of Christianity in Kerala

Manila: Ateneo de Manila University Press, Brocheux, Pierre, et al. Brock, Sebastian P.

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